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      Address:Baoji weibin district
        treasure titanium road of the southern 10
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      Baoji QinHao non-ferrous metals Co., LTD. was established in October 2008, the company processing operations titanium rod, titanium plate, titanium tube, titanium wire, titanium forgings mainly concurrentlynickel, molybdenum, zirconium and other non-ferrousmaterials.

      Company is located in Baoji Titanium City Weibin Po southern section 10. Relying on "China Titanium City" and the rich resources of unique advantages of industrial development, is a non-ferrous metals research and development production and marketing enterprises. Baoji Hongfeng company formerly known as non-ferrous metals. Since January 2005 has, after several years of business growth, the development in 2008 officially namedQin Hao Baoji Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd..

      Corporate Wang Baoli dedication, hard-working, honest management, the company wonthe advanced individuals, the honorary title of advanced enterprise. Company spirit of "customer first, reputation first, quality first" principle to provide customers with quality products and services, customer satisfaction is our continuous effort to pursue. Serve you is our honor to work with you and seek common development!

      Qin Hao's faith: faith

      Everyone in good faith, without faith we are to gain a foothold.

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